On this day 33 years ago, way back in 1983, this is what you could have seen on a Friday night in Sydney. Good days. 🙂

Friday 9th Sept 1983.
Adam’s Apple Bistro, Caringbah – Alcan Zephyr
Arncliffe Hotel, Arncliffe – Faultline
Arthurs Court – Wine Bar, North Sydney – Trader
Ashfield Hotel, Ashfield – Feeler
Balmain Leagues Club, Balmain – The Expression
Bankstown Sports Club, Bankstown – Full Marks and Swanee
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown – Peculiar Clerk and Snake
Bluegum Hotel, Waitara – Rupert B and Strange Desire
Brighton Hotel, Sydney – Forever Fifteen
Cabbage Tree Hotel, Fairy Meadow – Rose Tattoo
Campbelltown Leagues Club, Leumeah – Fallen Idols and Total Fire Band
Campbelltown RSL Club, Campbelltown – One Word and Moving Pictures
Caringbah Inn, Caringbah – Hugo A Go Go and Mi-Sex
Cronulla Workers Club, Cronulla – The Honeymoon, QV’s, and Choirboys
Dee Why Hotel, Dee Why – Snake
Governor’s Pleasure, The Rocks, Sydney – Mysterons
Greenfield Tavern, Greenfield Park – Mole Rats and Hoodoo Gurus
Grey Gums Hotel, Penrith – Bankrupt
Helensburgh Workers Sports & Social Club Ltd, Helensburgh – Vicky O’Keefe Band
Hotel Bondi, Bondi – Shaylee Wilde Experience
Leichhardt Hotel, Leichhardt – X
Lewisham Hotel, Lewisham – Mr X
Mosman Hotel, Mosman – Zulu Rattle and The Scientists
Paddington Green Hotel, Paddington – Minutemen and The Celibate Rifles
Padstow Park Hotel, Padstow – Shy Thunder and The Beast
Piccadilly Hotel, Kings Cross – Non Stop Dancers
Rest Hotel, Milson’s Point – Pat Drummond
Sefton Hotel, Sefton – Passion and Lightning Rock
Selina’s – Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee – Fashions and Q.E.D.
Stardust Hotel aka Sweethearts, Cabramatta – Uppa Hand and The Lonely Hearts
Sydney Cove Tavern, Circular Quay – The Zarsoff Brothers
The Manzil Room, Kings Cross – Hijinx and Party Girls
Tourmaline Hotel, Vineyard – Torrid Zone
Trade Union Club, Sydney – The Rescue Squad, The Introverts, and The Cockroaches
War and Peace, Parramatta – Inner Release


HAVEN’T BEEN able to pay many visits lately due to illness and lack of vehicle so it was a treat today to pay a visit at the start of Izzy’s birthday Month. HIs favourite Black Butterflies were about and there may well have been a koala although the matter was in dispute. The Uke is getting a touch damaged but all in all looks damned good for one year in the Wild and the Buddhas and other oddments look excellent.  Hey there, Iz. Good to sit with you awhile.



Morri Di Grazia

I lost a good friend a little while ago, he was Peter Knox also known as Izzy Foreal, we played music together in The Zarsoff Brothers. I was recruited to help finish the album called Mixed Business and for the live performances of the album & back log. We became very good friends in the process like real brothers sharing ideas & personal experiences.
In the making of the Album Izzy had bought back friends & as many of The Zarsoff Brothers he could to perform on it, I met & worked with great people like Bob Daisley, Russell Pilling William Bowden, Robert Green, Gary Dale & everyone else that contributed to the album.
I saw Izzy just before he died & we spoke about many things, as we did (he was really like my brother). I used to listen to the album every now and again but when he passed I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the album anymore.
Time goes bye & lately I’ve been getting back into listening to a lot of music. I was going through my old music & came across the Mixed Business CD so I put it on & realised how good it is & why Izzy directed & produced it the way he did (covering different genres of music) & with the people he chose in typical Zarsoff Style.
Peter Knox /Izzy Foreal in true form wanted his ashes scattered in outer space, I one day with some others would love to raise enough money to make that happen but most of all I’d love for the music lovers to get a hold of this Zarsoffian tongue & check album, get it, play it, get inspired & share it, so we can keep an Aussie Legends music alive by inspiring musicians & the next generation of musicians.
He was an Australian Independent Music Legend, one of the first if not the first. Check out the Zarsoff Brothers & Izzy Foreal Facebook pages you’ll find plenty of info & stuff to look at there & the website/webpage for CD”s
RIP my dear friends Izzy Foreal & Honky Zarsoff (Laurie).Your Bro Balogne Zarsoff




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