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April 18-19 2008

Izzy’s birthday brought more flooding rain. Been a lot of it this year. So Friday 18th was spent on the Hill in The Cottage. All 4 offspring of Iz and Chick rang in with Birthday Greetings . Izzy was determined to bake his own cake for Sunday at Ilnam Estate winery and did so. Smelt so Good Hot that Chick and Iz ate it.  The rest of the story is yours in pictures.


Friday night saw Izzy with Hillbilly Blues Bandits in Brunswick Heads at BRUNSWICK HOTEL. 35 minutes South of the Gold Coast they say. For Izzy and Chick its about the same distance. Down the Motorway through the Cane and into Brunswick Heads on Dusk with storm clouds overhead. When Izzy played Brunswick last time the Storm hit full on . The same storm that wiped out parts of Dunoon but this time it was merciful and only a few drops fell. Great setup down there. A bandstand under cover and paved beer garden. The Star Wagon slipped right into a parking stop which is a good thing due to the Starter Motor packing it in again and Its taking a hammer and stick to get it started.

10 minutes further on would be Byron but Chick and Iz prefer Brunswick. Byronites feel free to try to convert us. Hasn’t happened yet after the stay at the Luxury Resort – with the “Lake”. Brunswick Pub offers Gourmet Food and means it. We ate from the super efficient “Bruns” . Classic Aussie Pub so it says and is. Scrubby had the $7 Kids meal and looked happy with that and the Double Bass went for the Lentil, begie and chick pea patties which were ENORMOUS and fresh and $15 . The Pub was Built in 1940 and isa retro classic . Packed with people and a perfect Northern Rivers Autumn night.

The lineup was Scrubby, Izzy and Pete Jaggle. That covers Murwillumbah , Bilambil and Lismore , that little crew.

Izzy says” IT WAS A GOOD GIG. A very ASTUTE audience ( which means they thought he was funny) and it is always a pleasure to play with P.J. ” says the Iz.