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Against all the odds & sods, Izzy Foreal has survived the rigours of infamy, and is turning 65 on April 18th, 2014 (Good Friday), and he will be celebrating as he often celebrates life: in performance mode. Izzy will be playing with his band Izzy Foreal & Friends, which features Brett Divola and George Finney on guitars, and Christian Fisher on drums. Invitations are being sent out to especially-selected performers, to join the band on stage throughout the day – a list of those who’ll be appearing will be posted on this page. Come along & help Izzy celebrate.

RALEIGH RUMBLING JANUARY 2014 | Raleigh Rumblings

Greetings All. RRRR greeted the day with Trepidation. That’s how RRRR greets most things. Proved to be no need for the Trepidation because it truly RUMBLED again. The day was cool and gloomy but the honeysuckle was in blossom, the lawns had been mown and the milk we left behind last time in the turned off fridge was so old that it was no longer Intimidating.

George was there early as usual and Izzy ( another early bird) picked up the key from the RALEIGH WINERY and got the stage in order. RRRR arrived a little later in Alfie with the pink tub of goodies and paper plates. SANDRA CLARK kicked it iff at noon due to being on her way to the URUNGA GOLF CLUB for an afternoon Gig. It was her boy, DREW’s, 9th birthday as well and the staff of the BLACK BEAR CAFE in BELLINGEN were taking over Sandy’s house for a party while she was out and about.  This Rumble featured far too many ukuleles for the liking of your Roving Reporter but everyone else seemed tickled pink.  John May and Margot introduced a bit of the Irish to the day, including flute of some kind.

Hear tell that the gent sitting and playing guitar was actually Terry Walker ( ex STRANGERS)  We had a couple of big band spots yesterday. The VAS BROS were back. That always makes a day sweet. They are inclined towards the morbid but a bit of UNDERTAKER music cheers RRRR up considerably. That’s the preference of RRRR. PUMPING as they say. There’s a heap more pics to come as well as those on the FACEBOOK site for RALEIGH RUMBLINGS. We had dogs and kids and DRIFTER DAN who lives in a stone cottage on the shore of the English Channel and spends months per year out in Kalang Valley. Drifter was looking very dapper yesterday. Sartorial in fact. Woz from Urunga survived the day before to get up on stage and he tells us there is a jam of some kind at the OVH next Sunday. OVH is what we locals call the pub in URUNGA – the OCEANVIEW HOTEL. Seems likely RRRR was actually conceived in the OVH way back in 1948-9 when the folks were honeymooning there from Sydney.  Woz had talked Yellow Rock Man Richard Kelly into coming along and we did some yaaning over old days and names.

via RALEIGH RUMBLING JANUARY 2014 | Raleigh Rumblings.

via RALEIGH RUMBLING JANUARY 2014 | Raleigh Rumblings.



Next plan – JUNE 30 2013 . THE 3RD MUSICAL GATHERING. Its the end of the financial year. What better time for songs about WEALTH and POVERTY. Not a bad time for poor people’ food and secondhand clothes. Admission – FREE. Bring some grits and some music, some chatting and meet us there.