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She Wrote Her Valentine On A House Brick | DOG

She Wrote Her Valentine On A House Brick


Performed by DOG

Kazoo intro – Izzy Foreal*

Written in the exotic towers of Zetto, by a Contented Nobody who one day spoke to Izzy, The Bearded Wizard of Foreal, who upon hearing the salient poetic words, wandered into the forest and disappeared leaving the world greatly saddened.

The Contented Nobody spent some time wandering about, bumping into things, barking at inanimate objects and pondering how to keep the wondrous tones of The Bearded Wizards kazoo alive. He then met the Master Of The Goat; a man renowned for screaming at ducks in The Forest of Duffy, or places thereabouts. After watching bunnies hop and partaking in numerous caffeinated beverages The Master Of The Goat and The Contented Nobody hatched their plan for world domination, and retreated to the laboratory. After a few hours, they had created their monster. They resumed watching bunnies hop, drank more caffeinated beverages and pondered what to do next.

The Contented Nobody and The Master of The Goat decided to contact Troy of The Shire, Keeper Of Monsters, who they invited to the Towers of Zetto, wherein the Mysterious Kevin, Knower Of All Things, waited. After a nice caffeinated beverage, Troy Of The Shire revealed his monsters. With the magic of light and sound, the monsters slowly came to life and created their own mayhem which was captured in a small magic black box so it could be shared with the world to see and to rejoice.

At the end of the day, long after the festive luncheon of burgers and lemonade, The Contented Nobody, the Master of The Goat and Troy of The Shire celebrated with a rousing swearing of the magic, not oft said word. Kevin, Knower Of All Things did not partake in the ceremonial swearing.

Recorded by DOG at The Goat Farm in The Forest of Duffy on the 8th & 20th of January, 2015.

Original video clip by DOG & Troy of The Shire filmed on location in The Towers Of Zetto under the strict and at times tested supervision of The Mysterious Kevin on the 24th of January, 2015.

Video edited on the 27th & 28 of January, 2015 by the Master of the Goat at The Goat Farm in The Forest of Duffey.

*Izzy Foreal (aka Peter Knox) appears by whimsical arrangement and kind permission of “The Lady and Keeper of The Foreality Estate” of the late Peter Knox.

Stay tuned for more adventures of DOG


She Wrote Her Valentine On A House Brick

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window

She said she didn’t love me

But that was a long, long, long, long time ago

It was on our first date

I accidentally called her Kate

I tried to apologise

She ordered lobster plate

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window

She said she didn’t love me

But that was a long, long, long, long time ago

And when I paid the bill she smiled at me

We jumped into her car I put my hand on her knee

Slapped me in the head then punched me in the arm

I covered up my manhood to protect from further harm

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window

She said she didn’t love me

But that was a long, long, long, long time ago

And I really didn’t think i’d see her again

But on Valentines Day something happens to her brain

Na na na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

She said she didn’t love me and thought I was pretty sick

So I built myself a barbecue with every single brick

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window

She wrote her Valentine on a house brick

And she threw it through my window


released 30 January 2015

She Wrote Her Valentine On A House Brick written by Bidmead/Guy

© 2015 Bidmead/Guy APRA/Control


tags: rock comedy comedy rock satire Sydney


all rights reserved


via She Wrote Her Valentine On A House Brick | DOG.

via She Wrote Her Valentine On A House Brick | DOG.

Tony Verhoeven

Tony Verhoeven
28 June at 10:36

I learned of Peter’s death through my son just last night and the news has left me devastated. The very idea Izzy is no longer with us seems unreal.

The source of this news was the father of a friend of my son, who is apparently something of a Zarsoff Brothers tragic, but he is not alone in this, because at the Blue Gum Hotel in Hornsby they still talk about the days when the band played there.

From late 1977 till 81, Peter was an integral and influential part of my life, while he, Bernie, Bluey and I breathed life into the Zarsoff Brothers. What a time that was. Green? I could have been the outer on the SCG after a wet winter, but was living my dream being in a full time band and absolutely having the time of my life.

It all came together in Cairns, little more than a large country town then, where we had a six week residency and first worked as the Zarsoff Brothers at a disco called Caesar’s Palace. It was located beside a dilapidated, deserted and condemned hotel, so it should come as no surprise to learn this is where the band stayed. We had this entire hotel to ourselves while conveniently located right next door was the biggest liquor warehouse in the universe with booze they were practically giving away. Little more than an hour after we arrived, Bluey had already laid his hands on a thirty-dollar, North Queensland ounce and to this day I am still in awe at his resourcefulness and dedication to that task.

The venue’s patrons were strictly disco and we had maybe a dozen songs or so that might have fitted the bill, but with three hours to fill, we were struggling and the first week was horrendous. The disco crowd didn’t like us at all and management was extremely worried. For a band getting its act together though, a residency is like gold. An extended period of time where you don’t have to lug gear? Heaven, and with everything already set up, we rehearsed just about every single day.

During that difficult period where you’re completely alienating one type of audience, and hoping to catch a new one, Izzy fronted the microphone each night, undaunted, dedicated and resolutely outrageous. Ball-bag solos, armpit solos, farting, burping, swearing – at the time this kind of behaviour was unheard of.

So what happened? Those twelve disco songs we knew became works of bullshit art. Dog’s Boogie was born in Cairns, as was Nose Pickin’ Boogie. Bum Sweat, Little Red Riding Hood, They Won’t let Us Show It At The Beach, all the classic Zarsoff Brothers songs were fermented during that six week stint.

We spent Christmas there. It fell on our second week, when things beginning to turn around. On Christmas day, just using an open sandwich maker, Bluey produced the most amazing Christmas lunch I’ve ever had. On New Year’s Eve, Caesar’s Palace was so packed, a queue formed outside and on our last night I think we might have brought the sleepy village to a standstill. Such was the power, talent, fearlessness and absolute charm of Izzy Foreal. The rest is legend.

I’ll miss you dear friend, but thanks for all the meat. (Burp)

Terry Zarsoff

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Bruce McLean Unreal. Mate it was very shocking news. I was part of the road crew for a few years. Started off doing the lighting with I think only 8 cans and and basic switch board. Then Jamie Dodd show ed me how to do front of house. Traveled many miles with you guys which have me a great start to the industry. Izzy was truly one of the kind. 
Bruce McLean


Ian Willis Caesar’s Palace Cairns. 6 weeks, 6 nights each week, 6 brackets – devilish numbers! All true Terry, I know as I also lived it with all of you as your sound engineer. Champagne times on North Queensland lager. Living above the old Queenslander pub which was Caesar’s we had the entire floor for ourselves. The huge veranda is where we partied every night till the sun came up between 2 hills on the peninsula to the sea. Slept till afternoon when we would go to swim up in the hills often with Danny or travel around, hang out, whatever came up. Then in the evening prepare for the long session at work. When Bernie & Ted refused to perform “What’s That Smell Like Fish, Mama?”, because it might cruel their chances with the girls, I would sub & we would do it 3 piece. I was dubbed Rudi Zarsoff & have forever on done my best to honour that title. I would have a beer each bracket & by the end of the residency I was developing mouth ulcers. Hey Tony perhaps we should write it up?

Greg Bankx 

I was in a touring Band in the 80s, Gimix and run into the Zarsoffs many a time at Royals rugby Club in Camberra,we were pretty out there but the 2 of us together on the one bill the audiances didn.t know what hit them lol Issy will be missed, As a fellow musician that was touched by issy and the Zarsoffs my heart goes out to his close friends and family he certainly made his mark in the music industry.


Ray Floyd Jones Me too.Pretty shocked.I spent a year on the road with Izzy in the bastard sons of the Zarsoff Bros.Some very funny times were had and we even saw a UFO.Maybe we’ve already been in space and had an episode of missing time!Izzy is in space now and maybe his ashes can join him!My version of the Zarsoff bros(and Steve and Ken) all would wish him well on his next adventure in the universe.Cheers mate.

R.I.P. IZZY FOREAL 18 APRIL 1949 to 21 JUNE 2014

IZZY SMILINGEarly this morning, Izzy took off on his early morning run through the forests at Raleigh. He didn’t come home. He isn’t coming home again.

Izzy was found by the track in Bongil Bongil Forest. It seems he had a heart attack and passed away up there in the Bush.

Dearly Loved and Treasured. Life doesn’t look right anymore.


Izzy says the Sojourn has re-inspired him with Cosmopolitan Energy. 

“Great to catch up with the highlights of my past” says he.

082 066 - Copy

A long ago residence of Izzy Foreal. A warehouse down the bottom of Annandale. He says its 96 but it looks like 69 inverted to me. Iz is doing a goodly bit of retreading the past this trip.


100 179
009 063

Izzy is a Bagel Man and stumbled across a bakery in Drummoyne which boil them right there in front of him.

Meanwhile, back in Annandale is CAFÉ ON JOHNSTON. That has become a home away from home.




Birthplace of Daughter no 2.