R.I.P. IZZY FOREAL 18 APRIL 1949 to 21 JUNE 2014

IZZY SMILINGEarly this morning, Izzy took off on his early morning run through the forests at Raleigh. He didn’t come home. He isn’t coming home again.

Izzy was found by the track in Bongil Bongil Forest. It seems he had a heart attack and passed away up there in the Bush.

Dearly Loved and Treasured. Life doesn’t look right anymore.

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. IZZY FOREAL 18 APRIL 1949 to 21 JUNE 2014”

  1. Dearest Lynne,
    You so lived for each other.Just wish a spirit would come and squeeze ,you ,so hard that all the broken bits fit back together.Big hugs to you,yours and His.Eternal Rest grant unto him……May He go on living,in those He touched with His love,gentleness,music and now peace.

  2. I promise to snap of it, cheer up and get to celebrating all the good stuff – his life and memories, lest I acquire a mystical swift clip under the ear from his Izness. 🙂

  3. So sad to hear of Peter’s passing. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the English Lit major that I was lucky enough to meet, hire and work alongside for many years at Headway. My love to his family Dawn

  4. Was shocked and surprised to find this out recently, I knew Peter back in the late sixties just as he and Waldo were setting up Silvester Barkers Music Box. I can honestly say I have only really loved two men in my life, my husband and Peter, sadly they have now both passed away. Peter was an amazing man, and I am sure he will be missed by his family and all who knew him, my thoughts are with them, having been there myself, my husband passed 5 years ago. I have a few old Photos and also drawings that Peter drew, please let me know if you would like a copy

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