1. G’day Peter,
    Read your entire site with great interest while doing some research on the establishment known as “Ball Pants.” Do you recall a guitarist/singer known as Ronnie during your time there?
    Also are you still in contact with Waldo Hayes you mentioned from the Music Box and do you think he is the same W.H. who lives in Redcliffe Qld. and is now a card carrying member of the Liberal party?????

    1. Yes that Waldo from Redcliffe is the same man, i had the pleasure of knowing him my entire life. He passed 12 months ago now but right up to his last days he was always about the music and lived a true hippie life. He will always be loved and remembered by my family. Oh and he still admired Bob Dylan all the way. 🙂

  2. Bill – I certainly remember the Ball Pants, but my memory is a bit hazy on details like names & stuff. I’m living up near the Queensland border (on the NSW side, of course) and I’ve been in contact with Waldo via a mutual friend, and we’ve exchanged a couple of letters (he doesn’t believe in computers or the telephone …?) Yes, Waldo lives at Redcliffe, but I had no idea he’d turned into a Liberal. If there’s anything I can help you with regarding your Ball Pants research, I’m happy to oblige.

  3. Hi Bill, I was a ‘regular’ at the Ball Pants – grew up in Brougham St. I remember Black Allan .. the rest is certainly hazy. Have a pic of Brougham Lane .. if you went to Taylor Square visit my site.

    Hi Pete, just got back from Terry D’s house!

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