Raleigh Rumblings


This is where blogging began for me, in a way. I was writing about BILAMBIL BLUES CLUB where  I went Thursday Nights for dinner, music and company. Now I am writing about Rumblings. I am still possessed of a very minimal knowledge of Music and Musical Terms although I have learned some from my 7 years with Izzy.

Bear with me then as I fill you in a little on our  Motley Crew. It will be from the viewpoint of the non-musical. Up here we have George Finney whom I first met as George ****** . He is a legit Raleigh Local and lives just over the river from me. George had become a very valuable and valued compadre to Izzy Foreal. He had picked up Zarsoff tunes , plays a wild guitar as well as turning his hand to banjo, mandolin,bass and MORE.

Dick is also a Raleigh Man…

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