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You wonder when you wander into a community if you are in a typical one or a special one. The common bond is the relationship with a person who has unexpectedly lost his life doing what he did every day, relatively healthy, not so old … Are these the reasons we are so shocked? Or is it because he was a loveable larrikin who stole the heart of the community he adopted those few short years ago. There’s more. He was irreverent, which actually teaches you to value what really matters. Like the adage: take what you do seriously, but not yourself. He cared where it mattered, and gave of himself and he was enthusiastic about stuff and about people.

You know, I hate talking about him in the past tense, something I will have to get used to. His Buddhism may have kept him centred and on good terms with life. It also teaches us not to get attached to people and things apparently. That’s a tough call. I needed lessons from him on that one.

Back to the community. Yes, they were lucky to have Izzy Foreal/Peter Knox, but he was also lucky to have them. As communities go, they don’t come more specialer than this.
He loved the bush he ran through and meditated in and he loved the special lady with whom he made a home and he loved the little Raleigh School of Arts that kind of represents the community of people who welcomed him and who now must carry on together, the community School of Hearts.


izzy and little one ferret


Erin de Rooy posted to‎ Izzy Foreal
Have struggled with what to write for days now. I didn’t know him as Izzy Foreal, I knew him as Peter, my colleague and an intelligent guy with a great sense of humour. He encouraged me to fight for what was right and make the wrongs known in the world. I am very sad for his family and friends who have a massive hole in their lives and hearts. He truly was an incredible person. Thank you Peter for being you and caring about everyone you knew. I am forever grateful that I had you on my side 
Lynne I couldn’t make it on Saturday but I dragged me butt down to the Annandale Hotel , the last place I saw Izzy Foreal perform to have a beer, close my eyes and try to remember good times…. And bugger me when I opened em again I saw another guy who I remember from a few inner sydney pubs who was doing tha same…. We chatted for an hour or so about some of the pubs we saw the Zarsoffs at…..I wonder how many pubs did this same thing occur….?