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Tribute concert for Izzy June 24, 2014, 2:05 p.m.LOCAL music luminary Izzy Foreal died on Monday morning while jogging through his beloved Bongil Bongil National Park. The loss came as a shock to family, friends and the broader shire community.See your ad hereHe was 65.Izzy was an adored and well-respected Raleigh resident. While his iconic musical status on the Australian rock scene has long been cemented and revered, it is his gentle, loving and generous spirit that many will remember.Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite, Izzy’s longtime partner, described him as the “man who brought colour into my life”.“He was an incredibly kind man with a loving heart who was willing to help anyone. He took care of me, adored his family and mine.”

via Tribute concert for Izzy | The Bellingen Shire Courier Sun.

via Tribute concert for Izzy | The Bellingen Shire Courier Sun.



Three members of The Zarsoff Bros Izzy, Bernie and Terry were playing as The Robin Lee Sinclair Band in 1979, backing a singer Robin Lee Sinclair doing disco versions of every kind of song that moved. The band was very popular in the club circuit, but Izzy started to yearn for an outlet for his comedy material.The three future Zarsoffs started doing some low key gigs away from Robin Lee Sinclair, as The Likker Act. When Robin found out, he demanded exclusive loyalty. Izzy, Bernie and Terry got pissed at the Royal Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay one afternoon, and went to visit Robin. Izzy Told him where to stick his exclusive loyalty, and the 1979 version of The Zarsoff Bros was born.

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via History.

The 69′ers — Australian Music History

STRANGE AND INTERESTING STORIES:IZZY FOREAL’S 69ERS MEMORIESIt was around 1970 or maybe 1971 when I joined The Internationally Famous 69ers. They were resident at the Clique Wine Bar in Surry Hills – in fact, that was my first gig with them. At the time I was called Peter Knox – and I was the house bass-player at ‘Chaplin’s’, the joint bistro, club, disco – none of these; it was a joint opened in Oxford Street near Whitlam Square over the road from the Burdekin Hotel Sydney, by the owners of the notorious ‘Ball Pants’ coffee lounge in Kings Cross.Some time in 1969 or so, I was ‘auditioned’ for the band Quill at The ‘Ball Pants’. Terry Wilkins, who was leaving Quill to join Flying Circus, casually dropped into the ‘Ball Pants’ one night and played some Quill originals on the guitar. Being the resident bass-player, I fudged along and apparently played the songs okay. Red McKelvie guitar and Daryl McKenzie drums from Quill were conveniently positioned outside the front door listening to the unsuspecting auditionee or maybe the band’s manager was involved – all this is based on unreliable memories. The next day I got the invitation to start rehearsals with Quill. When I asked about an audition first, I was informed that I’d already passed it the night before! I played with Quill for maybe a year, and got a leg up into the Sydney music scene. As most of us know, Terry Wilkins went on to tour Canada with Flying Circus, and has been a resident of Canada ever since.

via The 69′ers — Australian Music History.

via The 69′ers — Australian Music History.


Raleigh Rumblings


This is where blogging began for me, in a way. I was writing about BILAMBIL BLUES CLUB where  I went Thursday Nights for dinner, music and company. Now I am writing about Rumblings. I am still possessed of a very minimal knowledge of Music and Musical Terms although I have learned some from my 7 years with Izzy.

Bear with me then as I fill you in a little on our  Motley Crew. It will be from the viewpoint of the non-musical. Up here we have George Finney whom I first met as George ****** . He is a legit Raleigh Local and lives just over the river from me. George had become a very valuable and valued compadre to Izzy Foreal. He had picked up Zarsoff tunes , plays a wild guitar as well as turning his hand to banjo, mandolin,bass and MORE.

Dick is also a Raleigh Man…

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