on the hunt for the bananas


Raleigh Rumblings

Went North of Coffs today in search of BANANA motivation. Had a bit of a shock on the way home ! Its sent Izzy into the MUSIC ROOM playing HOT BANANAS. 2more weeks till Banana Sundae. Sandra and Izzy ae rehearsing Banana Songs tomorrow.Vanessa has something in mind- always dangerous territory. The VAS BROS know a good few tropical topical songs with Anton doing a fine ARIBA.
Now , all we need is some more MUSOS, AN AUDIENCE, some banana cooks and sundae makers, loyal photographers AND some bananas. Wouldn’t mind some brightly coloured garments and some dancers as well as some decorations, In the meantime, Anton is speaking of the LIMBO. Here’s today’s pics.


VANESSA tells me she is bringing a few UKE players on the 2th July to play some tropical summery songs. That cheers me up after today’s experience. Yours R.R.R.R

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