Rory ( DANNY HAYNES )passed away this week. We will let you know more as we hear of it.


Rory Zarsoff. Closest to camera playing the beaten up Fender Stratocaster.

Izzy Foreal on bass. Arfur Zarosff (Peter Northcott) and on drums, Lefty aka Daryl McKenzie.

After the last ‘classic’ line up of The Zarsoff Brothers splits up on September 30th 1984 when Bluey and Bernie leave, the three remaining members (Daryl McKenzie on drums, Danny Haynes on guitar and Izzy Foreal in white overalls), take one of the two Peter Northcotts on board on guitar and saxophone, as ‘Arfur Zarsoff’ (which makes no sense whatsoever in connection with the Zarsoff joke, but it was his idea …). Arfur’s stint starts on October 9th, 1984 (Bankstown RSL), and ends on February 27th, 1985 (Long Bay Gaol). In this stint, ‘Cranky Zarsoff’ (the late Peter Kekel) joins on keys (November 7th 1984 at Sweethearts) and leaves again some time before February 19th, 1985 (he doesn’t appear in the band’s live video at Hawkesbury Sports Club on that date). Things go decidedly haywire after this.


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