Sunbury 1973

Rick Sparkes:  thanx for the invite Izzy … ’bout time you did some more Utube stuff !
Peter Olive writes: "I grew up in Lalor Park, not far from your first gig at the Stockade Hotel on Sackville St. My dad was actually the first guy to get thrown out for swallowing a whole goldfish from their fish tank." Now that’s rock & roll history worthy of The Zarsoff Brothers …


Izzy Foreal The shop featured on the cover of the ‘Mixed Business’ album is on the corner of Sydenham Road and Park Road, Sydenham (Sydney). We chose a Sunday because the shop was usually closed then. It was open this day. The lady running the shop agreed at first to allow us to be photographed outside, but after consulting with her neighbour, she decided we should pay her some money. Tense negotiations ensued, during which the shop lady’s daughter was called in from afar to help with interpretations. Even with the threat of her "angry" son being woken from his sleep upstairs to come and sort us out physically, we stood our ground and did the photo shoot anyway. That’s the short story of the adventure, but the gist is there.


Peter Okeefe wondered where that was….awesome izzy


Lynne Collins Dalrymple I can remember the Zarsoff Brothers when I worked at the "Jolly Frog" at Windsor NSW we all stayed back afterwards when the pub closed what a fantastic night that was. I still have the 45 somewhere… she moved the dishes first and ??? Boogie – god for those times again xxx


Garry Lambert I’m sure I paid my threepence halfpenny to join this fan club years ago…did I expire or something?…are the old plastic rings and masks not valid anymore…and It’s ages since I got my monthly comic.


Steve Vote Worked in a number of venues when the zarsofffs were bigger than BEN HUR..great music and fun to go with it..have got the original Bumsweat album..i think izzy gave me a copy at a venue I worked at in penrith…I want our live gigs back..the kids today are missing lots…


Anthony O’Grady And some nights only an overdose of gratuitous filth soothed the soul…


Now here's a classic shot! The Zarsoff Brothers at Caesar's Palace, Cairns, 1979.



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