Izzy is up North with the DROUGHTBREAKERS for the weekend.  They played the HARWOOD HOTEL last night and tonight they’re in SOUTH GRAFTON at the Bowlo.

Izzy has been asked to teach LIFE SKILLS TO BLOKES. That concept defies imagining but he’s enjoying it and there are already some Skilled Blokes abut the Town.

He bumped into old Zarsoff soundman, PETE DELICIO, up at Bello for the jazz festival. Turns out he lives a km or so from Izzy’s new base. Its turning into quite a gathering with a lot of old stories being told.

The next big gig is down at Nambucca with DROUGHTBREAKERS. It was to be next week but the MP cancelled out due to the election stress. This one will be on in the next month or so to open the National Park down near Bellwood.

The Spring Street Celebrations for the new SKINNER STREET upgrade in South Grafton might sneak in before it now. More details later.




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