At age 60, Izzy is on the Road. This weekend he played LUFFLEY at Murbah, stayed with his mate, Scrubby, out in the hills and rehearsed with LILY WHITE from BEECHMONT. Then the HILLBILLY BLUES BANDITS headed into LENNOX HEAD to play at the Pub. 9pm.- midnight. Izzy hopped on his trike and headed home to the Clarence down the Pacific Highway.

He stopped in for some nourishment at WOODBURN, the allnight cafe town, and met up with the security crew from LENNOX POINT, then found himself in the Winter Mists along the River Flats. Ah! The life of the Wandering Minstrel ! 3.am. homecoming and then the first knock at the door of FOREALTY TOWERS.  A Sunday Morning Visit from the DOCS DISASTER RECOVERY TEAM.

Well, said Iz , Bertha the Fridge was lost in the muddy waters. A few forms filled in and photos taken by the extremely delightful Disaster Recovery Girls and Izzy just might be refrigerating his food once more. 

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