Some strange Feedback has been coming in from the Zarsoff FanClub on FACEBOOK. Here’s a couple to tantalise and one more song to wash them down with. 


M.M. In my book, the Zarsoff brothers were a must see at the Sefton Hotel in Sydney’s western suburbs in the early 80’s. Excellent shows, nice drum work on the beer can Izzy.



I can’t believe my parents had “Bumsweat” on high rotation in our house when I was eight. I’m certain that it’s contributed to the slightly twisted adult that I am today. Thanks, Zarsoffs .

“I am so glad that you are still active on the music scene. I don’t know how many of your concerts I have been to – but it is a lot. I appreciate the effort you guys put into the show – I always remember it as being so professional and the arrangements were well above what a lot of the other bands were doing at the time. The smut made the whole thing fun – it is music for everyman – but it is classy and above all – entertaining. I still give the Rude Awakening album a spin now and then – a modern classic.

I had a record of ‘Bumsweat’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. I bought it at the Sandown pub in the 1980s at a live show. It was broken by an irate Christian when I played it at a Christian youth group party.”

And more (stay posted, this could become a series …):
“I saw your show at the Ambervale Tavern and was blown away. After years and years of looking out for the Zarsoff Brothers in gig guides and never seeing them, and then there I was just hoping to get laid somehow nearly pissed listening to one of the best blues bands I ever heard at my local when BOOM the singer said we’re gonna do a couple more songs before The Zarsoff Brothers play. I couldn’t believe me ears. I nearly f’in choked on my beer. I went out and rang my friends, but there was no way they could get to Ambervale in 15 minutes from Wallsend in Newcastle. Anyway, to cut to the chase, yours was the best gig I have ever seen or heard. The atmosphere was perfect for a rocking great fun time and I think everyone I know would have had I ball if they were there.”


Might take another song to  digest all of that.

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