the big bamboo.
Its a song by an artist from Trinidad called the DUKE OF IRON – one of my favourite inspirations – says Izzy. Its Izzy’s second favourite track on the ZARSOFF BROS’ RUDE AWAKENING album and it takes every vegetable metaphor to the limit.  It was recorded with ROCKY ZARSOFF on the drums and SMOKEY on the Guitar, Bernie on keyboards and Bluey on Rhythm guitar. Don Reed on soprano sax. LEFTY ZARSOFF played bongoes on that one. It was just after he joined the band. The song was on a cassette tape that someone gave Izzy. The tape belonged to the pilot of the NZ plane which crashed into a mountain on the way to tha Antarctic somewhere. The pilot was a collector of music from round the world and the tape came to Izzy via ROCKY ZARSOFF.

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